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The Four Penny Pub & Hotel | What To Do In Warwick In December

What To Do In Warwick In December

December may not be the most popular time to visit Warwick due to its cold and breezy weather, with temperatures ranging from 36 to 45°F (2 to 7°C). However, the festive season brings forth a variety of events and activities that make it an intriguing time to explore this historic town. Despite the chilly temperatures, Warwick has much to offer visitors of all ages and interests during this month.

One standout event is Warwick Castle’s Christmas at the Castle, where the historic fortress transforms into a winter wonderland, creating a magical atmosphere for visitors.

For food enthusiasts, the Warwickshire Christmas Food Festival is a must-visit, offering a delectable array of seasonal treats and local delights. These events, among others, showcase the town’s vibrant cultural scene during the holiday season.

In this article, we provide a guide to make the most of your December trip to Warwick. Whether you’re interested in food, culture, art, music, or sports, we’ve got recommendations for events that align with your preferences. Explore the unique attractions and experiences that define Warwick during this festive month.

Additionally, we offer insights into preparing for the December weather in Warwick. Discover what to wear and pack for your trip, as well as information on average temperatures throughout the month and the changes in temperature from morning to evening. Our goal is to ensure you have all the details you need to make your December visit to Warwick enjoyable and memorable.

Experience the Magic of December in Warwick

  1. Warwick Castle’s Christmas at the Castle Warwick Castle, a captivating attraction in Warwickshire, undergoes a enchanting transformation into a winter wonderland during December. Adorned with twinkling lights, the castle offers festive activities for visitors of all ages. Wander through the Enchanted Christmas Kingdom, featuring a giant snow globe, a Christmas market, and Santa’s Grotto. Enjoy ice skating on the castle’s rink, take a whimsical ride on the carousel, and relish a festive feast in the castle’s Great Hall or restaurant.
  2. Warwickshire Christmas Food Festival Indulge your taste buds at the Warwickshire Christmas Food Festival, a popular gathering at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre. Featuring over 100 exhibitors, the festival presents a diverse array of festive food and drink, including mince pies, mulled wine, and Christmas hampers. Attend live cooking demonstrations, savour the sounds of live music, and relish entertaining performances. This festival is the perfect opportunity to stock up on delectable treats for your Christmas celebrations.
  3. Christmas Lights Tour Explore the breathtaking Christmas lights displays in Warwickshire by embarking on a festive lights tour. Witness the illuminated beauty of Warwick town centre, the enchanting lights at Warwick Castle, and the twinkling displays in nearby towns and villages. Choose a guided tour with a local company or create your own itinerary for a self-guided adventure. Revel in the festive glow and discover the magical ambiance created by the dazzling Christmas lights throughout the county.


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