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The Four Penny Pub & Hotel | The History of Warwick Racecourse

The History of Warwick Racecourse

We are excited to share a glimpse into the captivating history of Warwick Racecourse. Established in the heart of Warwickshire, our racecourse boasts a rich heritage and fascinating stories that have shaped it into the iconic venue it is today.

From its medieval origins to its modern role, Warwick Racecourse is a testament to history and the home of amazing racedays. Join us as we explore five fascinating facts about our historic and vibrant racecourse:


Devastation struck Warwick when a great fire erupted in 1694, burning down a quarter of the town. A decade later, those rebuilding Warwick aimed to attract wealthier residents by creating new townhouses and a racecourse.

Horse racing, a pursuit of the wealthy, was seen as a way to entice professionals and gentry to Warwick. In 1707, Lord Brooke of Warwick Castle donated £15 to fund a horse race.


Warwick Racecourse is one of the oldest racecourses in the country with a rich history dating back over three centuries.

Warwick racecourse is the sixth oldest racecourse in the world and 3rd oldest in the UK with Chester and Newmarket taking 1st and 2nd.

jump fence at the Warwick race course


In 1831, Warwick was the first course to stage a hurdle race as part of a race card making it the pioneer for organised jump racing that we know and love today. This early adoption of National Hunt racing laid the foundation for the sport’s development and popularity.


Chandler became famous for a legendary leap of 37 feet, clearing several fallers & Gog Brook during the Leamington Hunt Club Steeplechase in 1847. The dramatic incident was so remarkable and unexpected that it became a memorable moment in the history of Warwick Racecourse. That leap no doubt set him in good stead for a future of racing including winning the Grand National in 1848.


Red Rum ran at Warwick as a 2-year-old in 1967 and won over 7 furlongs.

Racing legend and one of the most celebrated jockeys in British history, Lester Piggot rode at Warwick on numerous occasions however the most notable was his clash against John Francome in 1985 where they ran against each other in the middle of an all jumps card to a crowd of over 7000 people.


Fast forward to today, Warwick Racecourse is a vibrant and dynamic venue, renowned for its thrilling race days.

With a calendar packed with events, Warwick Racecourse continues to be a beloved destination, celebrating the legacy of horse racing while creating new memories for all who visit.

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