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The Four Penny Pub & Hotel | Savour The Outdoors With Warwick Walks

Savour The Outdoors With Warwick Walks

Take a moment to forget the rush of the train or motorway traffic jams, your office building and work emails. Our local area is strewn with Warwick walks, absolute treasures that give you a chance to disconnect from your job for an evening or a weekend. Stroll along a trail that’s right for you before being welcomed into The Four Penny Pub for a hearty and re-energising meal!


Warwick Walks By The Riverside


Autumn and water go together, with the reflections of red-tinged trees providing wonderful photographic opportunities. Even if you’re not a budding photographer, you can enjoy the water, wildlife and the calming effect of the season as you journey from Warwick to Leamington Spa.


Starting at the Visitor Information Centre in the heart of the town, you can embark on one of two Warwick walks. Both walks start together, heading to the River Avon, where you can observe the spectacular outline of the Castle. You journey along the riverside and up to the grand aqueduct carrying the Grand Union Canal, while a continual underflow gushes out from underneath. This five-mile walk offers a lovely view of the river from the level of the canal, it’s an ideal place to rest before deciding on which of these Warwick walks you would like to take. Turning right takes you on a circular stroll along the canal, before cutting between the golf green and the racecourse to take you back where you began. 


Alternatively, take a left for a walk that totals less than three miles, leading you to the parks of Leamington Spa. Explore the museum and art gallery, relish an afternoon tea or roam around the town, complete with a glasshouse of tropical plants in the nearby Jephson Gardens. 


Exploring Leam Valley Nature Reserve


You might choose to go further afield, extending your Warwick walks by connecting them with a journey through Leam Valley, a riverside trail that can be tailored to be at an easy or intermediate level. Journey by bus or add to a Warwick-to-Leamington hike if you’re feeling energetic, before reaching this haven for nature enthusiasts, starting at the entrance at the end of Jephson Gardens. 


Wildlife thrives in this area, from a wide variety of river fish to butterflies, dragonflies, darters and chasers, with the elusive kingfisher and river snake known to live along this stretch. The marshy walk is dense with bright flowers (but you may have missed them this year) with a large area of grassland, but there are no grazing animals to navigate as you make your way along the track. The interactive trails are great for kids as they’re only a mile long, so those with little legs who are constantly looking for a new way to entertain themselves will be busy! 


Closer To Home


If you’ve come a long way to visit our town and enjoy our stunning attractions, you might like to stay in the immediate area of one of our Warwick walks. 


Going from the Saxon Mill and past Guy’s Cliffe House is a very popular local walk and it’s only one mile outside the town itself. It also gives you a history hit, with the mill originating in the 12th century and Guy’s Cliffe, a romantic tumble-down ruin that began in the 5th century. This decayed house could be right out of a film, surrounded by the legend of Guy of Warwick, a hero of ancient myths. 


On the other hand, why not take a turn about the racecourse for a short, easy and circular walk through the racecourse and into Diamond Jubilee Wood? Refreshing, undemanding and just ten minutes from The Four Penny Pub! 


Wherever your Warwick walks have taken you, we’ll usher you inside to replenish your energy. We think you deserve a piping hot meal and a delicious drink, whether that’s our pie of the week or a fantastic Sunday roast!


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