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The Four Penny Pub & Hotel | Visit Warwick: A Pick ’n’ Mix Guide To Day Trips And Local Attractions

Visit Warwick: A Pick ’n’ Mix Guide To Day Trips And Local Attractions

Whether you’re here for a day trip or a longer staycation, history lovers, fresh air fans and energetic families will never be let down by their decision to visit Warwick. Tailor your experience to suit your hobbies, or throw together a random itinerary from our suggestions!

Visit Warwick’s Historical Attractions

Beginning with the most obvious attraction of all – Warwick Castle. 

The magnificent medieval castle perched on the banks of the River Avon boasts almost a millennium of history, much of which is brought to life with live shows and demonstrations, including the castle’s famous dungeon experience. As we move through spring towards the summer, they will be staging a greater variety of outdoor and seasonal attractions, among them being birds of prey and archery displays and, during the summer holidays, live reenactments of the Wars of the Roses. 

However, for those who prefer calmer historical attractions, we might recommend the Warwick Market Hall Museum. Although small, it has a surprisingly diverse assortment of exhibits, ranging from dinosaur remains, to fashion, instruments and Roman coins. 

When you visit Warwick, you sit in the centre of a hotbed of historical interest. Kenilworth has its own castle and Elizabethan gardens, while to the south, Stratford-Upon-Avon capitalises on being the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Both are close by and you can travel by bus for a daytrip. 

Outdoor Amusements For When You Visit Warwick

You can spend hours wandering through the old streets as you visit Warwick, puzzling over the eclectic architecture and admiring the historical landmarks of St Mary’s Collegiate Church, St John’s Museum and the Lord Leycester Hospital (the latter two are usually open to the public, but are closed at the moment). On your journey through the town, there are plenty of boutique shops to help you expand your wardrobe and an abundance of cafes and tea shops to refresh you. 

On beautiful days Warwickians gravitate towards St Nicholas’ Park. Positioned next to the river, it is a perfect picnic spot. Once you are done with your sandwiches, you can participate in a lively game of miniature crazy golf. Alternatively, you can hire a boat and pedal, row or motor down the river beneath the imposing walls of Warwick Castle.

Children’s Entertainment

If your children are still buzzing with pent-up energy at the end of your holiday, there are plenty of places where they can let off steam. For the younger ones, book in sessions at The Children’s Play Village, which is exactly what it sounds like!

The village comprises thirteen play areas, the majority of which are child-sized versions of village staples: shops, schools, campsites, construction sites, hospitals, theatres and more. There is also a Jump In trampoline park in nearby Leamington Spa, where adventurous children (and parents!) can channel their inner acrobat in a safe environment.

The Old Fourpenny Hotel

Come to The Old Fourpenny Hotel to end your day with a delicious but affordable dinner and, if you’re spending a few days here, a night in one of our double, twin or family rooms. 

Now that you’re all clued up on what to do when you visit Warwick, get in touch here or use our online booking system to reserve your room. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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