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The Four Penny Pub & Hotel | Traditional Food In Shakespeare’s County

Traditional Food In Shakespeare’s County

Warwickshire? That’s Shakespeare’s County!

He may have been born here, but the Bard never staged a play in the leafy shires of the West Midlands. Instead, we’re looking at a different part of Warwickshire’s heritage – food! There’s a wealth of traditional food you can try out, using some of these authentic local recipes!

Starting Savoury

We kick off with a rich winter warmer. This traditional food will stick to your insides, sending you to bed sleepy and satisfied.

Generations have enjoyed Warwickshire stew, a beef, mushroom and tomato dish. It’s super healthy, with a medley of vegetables and protein-rich beef that just falls apart on your fork, a one-pot meal with no sides and minimal washing-up. There are a couple of ways a modern chef can get to grips with this stew, using an oven or slow cooker.

One recipe starts with cutting up beef into chunks (they recommend using braising steak, one of the cheaper cuts). Toss it in flour, flavoured however you like. Add it to a casserole dish one third at a time, browning it and sealing each portion with butter. Then, add onions, mushrooms, tomato, garlic and stock, before leaving it to cook for five hours. Midway through, throw in the chopped potatoes and carrot chunks. When the timer’s gone off, simply dish it up. Make sure you have tupperware standing by – this one-pot meal will last you a week!

Traditional Food For A Sweet Tooth

We’ve had savoury, it’s time for sweet!

Gather your friends and family for some delectable Warwickshire scones, which require no sugar. Instead, they ask for flour, butter, baking powder, salt, milk and honey. It’s simple enough to make the dough, but instead of the iconic circles served with jam and cream, this traditional food is cut into triangles and served with butter and honey!

Scones might not be your cup of tea, so why not try Coventry Godcakes? Now, we know Coventry is technically in the West Midlands, but it was a part of Warwickshire until 1974. Seeing as Godcakes have been around for at least 800 years, we think you can get away with it! They’re like a mince pie without the Christmas theme – triangles of puff pastry containing sweet mincemeat. Yum!

Local Treasures

Raring to cook some traditional food? That’s wonderful!

To really get in the spirit, avoid the supermarkets. We’ve got a vibrant Saturday market in Warwick Market Square, with friendly vendors selling every type of product. Stroll past the blue and white striped awnings for fish, meats, fresh fruit and local veg, not to mention clothes, gifts, plants and flowers. If you’re after the best veg for your Warwickshire recipe, we recommend Veg Out and Get Fruity, purveyors of the freshest fruit and veg in Warwick and Kenilworth.

In fact, they’ve sponsored our February marmalade-making competition, giving us an array of beautiful oranges to give out to our marmalade masters. If they win, our participants can enjoy a gorgeous orange gin!

The Four Penny Pub

We pride ourselves on both traditional food and exotic dishes at The Four Penny Pub, from flavoursome curries to Thursday night pies.

Head to our website to browse our delicious menus or find us at 27 Crompton Street, Warwick, CV34 6HJ.

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