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The Four Penny Pub & Hotel | Feast On Burgers, Curry and Tapas With The Fourpenny’s Pub Menu

Feast On Burgers, Curry and Tapas With The Fourpenny’s Pub Menu

Delicious food, generously portioned, expertly prepared…From our substantial Sunday lunch to our selection of breakfast dishes, you can find the best of British on our pub menus. Yet we also pay homage to gorgeous food from around the world with our weekly burgers, curry specials and our brand-new tapas menu!

Whether you’re living your best life by constructing an amazing burger or sharing intimate tapas for two, we offer excellent, affordable food complete with vegan and gluten-free choices. Scroll down for a summary of our mouthwatering meals.

Spice Up Your Week With Our Wednesday Curry Night

Every Wednesday we wage war on the boring midweek by cooking up a curry from far-off climes. Our expert chefs produce a flavoursome dish and add it to our pub menu, covering a good range of spicy and mild curries to suit all tastes. 

We have journeyed to Jamaica, South Africa and India with our curry nights, with Durban lamb dishes and exquisite chicken kormas. Recently we visited Thailand for Massaman beef curry, enriched by the flavours of India, Persia and the Malay archipelago. This dish is a triumph matched by our Afghan lamb and Lavand-e-Murgh served a few weeks previous when we substituted the regular chicken in the chicken and yoghurt dish with goat! Wednesday is a day for food adventurers, who we love to welcome to the Fourpenny Pub!

Monday Burger Banquets!

Build your giant of a burger with us. Thanks to teaming up with Build Your Burger in Leamington Spa, we can offer you the whole shebang of patty options, bun choices, sauces, salads and sides. 

Start off by selecting your patty, the foundation of your burger. After you’ve chosen, you can dive into ciabatta buns, Stilton cheese, streaky bacon, relish, sriracha fries and more, including our luscious extras. There really is something for everyone, with chilli jams, sauces and cheddars all available to delight spice enthusiasts. This delectable pub menu also stars the mighty Moving Mountains vegan burger and vegan cheese, alongside gluten-free buns. 

Pay us a visit on Monday! The patties are affordable throughout the week at £8, but on the first day of the week, you can start compiling your burger from an astonishing £5!

Tapas! The Dish Every Pub Menu Needs

Get a taste of Spain with a small portion of enticing tapas. We have made the decision to supplement our pub menu with this incredible mix and match option, serving hot and cold dishes alongside beautiful focaccia bread to create the ultimate sharing experience. 

Our pub menu has been infinitely enriched by our ham and manchego cheese mini-croquettes and white asparagus with Serrano ham. You can either order tapas separately, choose three for a standard price or dive right in with our extensive sharing board, or ‘Tabla Carne y Queso’. Again, we offer multiple different vegan choices, such as our Mediterranean roasted vegetables and vine leaves stuffed with rice, with gluten-free king prawns and chorizo salads peppering the pub menu.  We’re passionate about catering to dietary requirements, so come to us, flick through our listed dishes and feast on whichever suitable dish takes your fancy!

Come See For Yourself!

Pay us a visit to enjoy our fabulous pub menus, featuring our specials, Sunday lunch, breakfast, brunch and kids’ food. Go to our website to find out more or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all our news and mouthwatering specials.



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