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The Four Penny Pub & Hotel | Striving To Become An Environmentally Friendly Business

Striving To Become An Environmentally Friendly Business

We’re making changes across the board at The Old Fourpenny Pub, cutting out packaging and waste in an effort to create an enjoyable and sustainable experience for all our customers. From our kitchen to your hotel room, we are striving to become an environmentally friendly business with a first-class menu and delightful hotel service. 

Eradicating Mealtime Waste

We love a good meal, eaten in a cosy restaurant or pub conservatory. However, landfills are strewn with uneaten food and related packaging – studies show that the latter contributes over 1.3 million tonnes from the food service industry alone! As part of our efforts to become an environmentally friendly business, we’re eliminating prepackaged breakfast items and replacing them with large jars of Marmite and peanut butter, bowls of butter cubes and our very own homemade jam and marmalade! Similarly, we’ve rejected plastic pots of fruit yogurts in favour of natural yogurts and fruit compôtes. Sweeten your tea or coffee with granulated sugar rather than compressed cubes and cover your lap with a reusable linen napkin rather than a disposable paper square. 

However, 34% of food service waste comes off customers’ plates, which begs the question – are our portions too generous? Our new breakfast menu offers small or large offerings, so less food gets scrapped once you’ve finished. However, we love a good appetite, so we will always be happy to provide more food if asked. We’re making breakfast a hallmark of our endeavours to become an environmentally friendly business!

Our Hotel Rooms

We are working to be sustainable across all areas of our business, including the secluded hotel rooms arranged around our garden. We’re fighting the problem of plastic in our hotel rooms as well as in our pub, bottling our own filtered water instead of buying extra single-use plastic from a shop. A significant way to combat single-use containers is to focus on reusing rather than recycling, which is why we chose to purchase our hotel toiletries from Noble Isle, an environmentally friendly business which receives our empty containers and refills them.

Waste is not the only threat to the environment. Energy efficiency is more important than it has ever been, with serious concerns over the steadily-rising climate. Our rooms will be provided with stickers to remind guests to switch the lights off and tent cards explaining how to use the radiators effectively. From heating to drinking water, we’re revolutionising our practices as an environmentally friendly business!

Additional Measures For An Environmentally Friendly Business

Reduce, reuse, recycle! We’re following the old school slogan intently, reducing the amount of cling film in the kitchen, enabling the reuse of our toiletry bottles and increasing our waste collection to recycle more frequently.

You will no longer find disposable paper towels in our bathroom, cluttering up the bin. Instead, we’re investing in eco-friendly hand dryers. From the bathroom to the breakfast table, The Fourpenny Pub is striving to go green. However, we’re also making every effort to look after our staff. By collating produce close to its best-before date and offering it to our staff, we are eliminating food waste and helping to ease the cost of living, fighting both the environmental and the economic crisis!

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