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The Four Penny Pub & Hotel | Wednesday Night Is Curry Night!

Wednesday Night Is Curry Night!

For too long, Wednesday nights lacked a certain something…

But there’s no reason not to spice up your week with a delicious delicacy down at The Old Fourpenny Pub and Hotel during our curry night! Each Wednesday, our team of talented chefs will be devising a different but distinctively delectable curry dish for you and yours to enjoy. So come visit us and delight your taste buds with a treat from Ricky, Jon, Jimmy, Chris or Kate.

Curry Night – A World Tour

Forget Jules Verne, there’s an exotic adventure ready to welcome your taste buds every week, as our chef explores every corner of the globe. So far we’ve fetched the very best beef from Trinidad, Kenyan chicken and Indian lamb.

Discover new dishes from around the world while sitting in a traditional pub in the heart of Warwick with our curry night, bursting with different aromas and flavours.

The Spice Of Life

As well as providing a hearty meal, curry contains an array of nutritious benefits which you wouldn’t necessarily expect.

Turmeric, a key ingredient that is often used, is packed with the compound circumin. This can work to reduce inflammation and boost your memory, as well as tackle arthritis. 

Ginger, sourced from the same plant family, has been used as a natural remedy for centuries. Like turmeric, it is regarded for its arthritis-relieving properties, as well as lowering blood glucose and protecting against type 2 diabetes.

Another surprising seasoning is saffron. The pigments that give it its red colour may help to boost your mood and combat depression. 

That’s not forgetting chillies, which are bursting with natural antioxidants, vitamins A and C, as well as iron and potassium. Research suggests that they kickstart your metabolism, helping you to lose weight too. 

A British Favourite

There’s a reason why, in 2001, the then Foreign Secretary Robin Cook crowned Chicken Tikka Masala as ‘the nation’s favourite dish’.

Ever since Queen Victoria fell in love with India, curry has been a staple in the British diet. Her best-loved servant, Karim Abdul, is said to have introduced her to it and one was certainly amused by its appeal!

But there were still only six Indian restaurants in the UK by 1939. It was during the post-war period in which our national affection for the delicacy really took off, and in the present day you can find more than 12,000 Indian restaurants spanning every high street corner of the UK.

We also celebrate National Curry Week each October. Founded in 1998, curry fans celebrate by hosting their own curry night, sharing recipe ideas and sampling dishes promoted by sponsors.

Tradition Meets Taste

Why not come along to Compton Street in Warwick this Wednesday and join us? With stellar service and a small, intimate atmosphere, you’ll be counting down the days until the next midweek treat at The Old Four Penny Pub and Hotel.

You can also keep up to speed with each weekly dish, as well as the rest of our menu and events on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you, or your friends and family wish to stay at our Warwick hotel, we can also get them booked in as soon as possible!


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