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The Four Penny Pub & Hotel | Warwick’s Coronation Party

Warwick’s Coronation Party

Warwick’s no stranger to royalty – after all, we live in the shadow of Warwick Castle, where battles, parades and pageants happen every day in the name of some long-dead monarch. However, it’s not every day that we celebrate the coronation of a new king and queen consort, which Warwick definitely did in style!

The Summer Party Vibe

While King Charles and the Queen Consort went about processing and parading, being crowned and anointed, the rest of the country jumped into summer party mode – prematurely perhaps, as it was only the start of May.

The star couple encouraged the country to celebrate with friends and family, which many planned to do in the traditional British style – put out the bunting, set up a picnic and cross their fingers for some sun.

The chosen special dish was perfect for a picnic – instead of the Indian-inspired chicken curry from Queen Elizabeth’s time, or the lemon pudding from her Diamond Jubilee, the king opted for a quiche, accompanied by scone, tart and cake recipes from high-profile British chefs.

However, some people decided to be a little bit more innovative with cruises and concerts. Even Windsor Castle had a concert, with performances from all manner of artists! Charles is determined to bring the monarchy up to date, so perhaps this is a sign of things to come.

The Warwick Coronation Party

The King and Queen Consort had parades on day one and a party on day two, but Warwick swapped it around, kicking off with their Party in the Square.

We’re an old town, so we can be forgiven a bit of ceremony. The party was started by the Mayor and Town Crier before the townsfolk settled in for a musical afternoon. Our main stage featured the Warwick Community and Boparater Band, not to mention the eclectic Chaos Band.

When the performers took a break we turned the Official Coronation Music Playlist on. Who would have thought this occasion would be celebrated with a bit of Queen, Coldplay and Harry Styles?

There were other forms of entertainment scattered about, from steel drums to food and drink stalls. This is where we stepped up to the plate, with the most delicious pork and lamb baps you have ever tasted!

Day two of the Warwick Coronation Weekend featured plays, pageants and performances, but we thought that our talents were better suited to a party, or even to our own pub.

Down The Pub

Is it really a British celebration without a trip to the pub?

We started on Wednesday, serving classic coronation chicken at our weekly curry night, accompanied by Gujarati rice and mushroom bhajis. However, things got going on the day itself, with all the ingredients for a coronation garden party!

We served up the Coronation Quiche, a light pastry creation with spinach, broad beans and tarragon, alongside some real ales and a special cocktail. If you think you’re an expert mixologist, try making it yourself – it’s a delightful drink for the warmer months!

1. Pour 500ml of vodka over one chopped cucumber and some mint leaves. Leave to steep for 24 hours or up to a week in the fridge, before straining through a sieve.

2. Stir the vodka in with the juice of 6 limes and 200g of caster sugar.

3. Get little scoops of melon and add them to the jug. Steep for 30-60 minutes.

4. Top up the sparkling water and garnish with mint and lime wedges.

There you have it!

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