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The Great British Pub

The love of a humble British pub is buried deep inside every Brit. Glamorous bars on European streets are fine for a holiday, but at the end of the day, they just can’t compare to what every UK village, town and city has in abundance – pubs!

A Unique Charm

What makes a British pub? There have been hundreds of debates, discussing food, beer and atmosphere, but one charm is evident at first glance.

Your quintessential pub is shrouded in history, positioned in a centuries-old building with thatched roofs and exposed beams. Some look like humble cottages and others like gilded townhouses, with bright signs hanging up to call customers inside. This is the legacy of the British pub, which came to our shores as a wine bar through the Roman invasion, gradually evolving into taverns and alehouses. Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans and peasants of every description found their haven in such a place.

In the best establishments, you can rest in a comfortable armchair and envisage history’s workingmen drinking, smoking and socialising, before opening your eyes and seeing the crowd the modern pub attracts. You can even imagine cultural icons sipping their ale, with Charles Dickens just one of the many writers who frequented famous London pubs.

We tick the history box at The Four Penny, from our exterior to our cosy bar. Even the name hints at our legacy; in the early 1800s, as the Grand Union Canal was being built, we were serving a cup of coffee and a tot of rum for a mere four pennies, as opposed to the other institutions charging six. Daylight robbery, don’t you think?

The British Pub Experience

Why is it that people flock to their British pub, instead of getting their history hit at a museum and then stopping off at a restaurant? It’s simple – pubs are designed for social interaction, a public space with the comforts of home. Instead of rushing off to a bar, you can stroll into a pub for a pint, a snack or a full meal, chatting to friends and family or pausing for a little quiet reflection. 63% of people said that a garden was a crucial asset for a pub, drawing on the theme of relaxed socialising. We know what the people want, so we rebuilt our car park and installed a brand-new pub garden earlier this year, complete with a garden room area. Warm or cold, you can always soak up the sun at The Four Penny Pub!

Another vital part is making sure there’s room for the family. Some places are family-friendly, some cater only to adults, but there are always some pubs willing to welcome children for a family meal, provided they’ve left before a certain time. The other operative part of that sentence is meal. There are millions of bars in hundreds of countries, but they don’t all serve mouth-watering pub grub! Head to our website to view our menus, including our daily specials (pies, burgers, fish and chips) and our Sunday roast, an indispensable feature of your classic British pub.

A Community Hub

A British pub doesn’t exist in isolation – it’s an essential part of the community! Even the smallest hamlet has a row of cottages, a church and a village pub.

We’ve dived into Warwick’s thriving community, from participating in the 14 Pubs of Christmas trail to hosting an epic summer party, employing local musicians to provide the soundtrack as we served jugs of Pimms and a delectable barbecue. We shared in the high points of an August bank holiday weekend and the hangover-stricken Monday, opening especially early to nurse the town back to health with English breakfasts and Bloody Marys. Now that’s a real community service!

Visit Us

See for yourself by paying us a visit! You can find us on Crompton Street in Warwick or go to our website to browse our exquisite menus.

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