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The Four Penny Pub & Hotel | Warwick Racecourse - Season Opener

Warwick Racecourse – Season Opener



We dive right back into the excitement with an electrifying meeting that caters to everyone – the Season Opener is the ultimate way to ignite your Jump season.

Featuring novice races, Mares events, and a special treat for our budding conditional jockeys, this event is your opportunity to witness emerging talents and established stars setting the bar even higher.

Don’t let a single moment slip away; ensure you have the finest vantage point by joining us at the racetrack for the kick-off of our season’s inaugural fixture.



Horse Racing Hospitality and Restaurant Packages in the West Midlands:

Discover an array of top-tier horse racing hospitality and restaurant packages at Warwick Racecourse.

From the exclusive 1707 Restaurant to their opulent private boxes, they provide an assortment of packages tailored to cater to various group sizes and budgets. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating atmosphere of the races and unwind in one of their remarkable hospitality venues.

At Warwick Racecourse, their culinary artisans take immense pride in their creations. They are delighted to offer a selection of fresh, seasonal ingredients, expertly curated for every race event. Whether you prefer a delectable cold buffet or a sumptuous two-course set menu, their chefs have meticulously crafted menus to showcase their culinary expertise and knowledge.



At Warwick Racecourse, the ethos is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their preferences, can fully enjoy the racing experience. A fundamental principle we advocate is to “dress to feel your best.”

Each of us has a unique sense of style and comfort. For some, confidence and ease come from sporting a comfortable sweatshirt, a pair of jeans, and clean sneakers. Others may choose to make a statement with a sharp suit or an elegant dress paired with high heels, especially for our prestigious race meetings.

However, regardless of your fashion inclinations, the key factors in selecting your attire are comfort and self-assuredness. Wear what resonates with you and ensures that you feel your best from the beginning to the end of the event, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. Here are some additional helpful tips and guidance to ensure your time with us is exceptionally memorable.


Be Prepared

Visiting a racecourse is an outdoor experience, and as individuals often learn firsthand, UK weather can be quite capricious. The recommendation is to be adequately prepared, and this involves checking the weather forecast before embarking on the visit. Given the inherent open spaces and numerous exposed areas typical of racecourses, it’s wise to have an umbrella on hand and dress in layers. This thoughtful approach ensures that visitors remain comfortable, especially when confronted with the ever-changing UK weather patterns.


Fancy Dress

The racecourse wholeheartedly embraces the festive and colourful spirit that fancy dress can bring to its race days. It has the potential to inject a delightful dose of vibrancy and entertainment into the proceedings. However, there is a polite request in place to avoid donning outfits that might be considered inappropriate or offensive. Any attire falling into the categories of vulgarity or derogation may regrettably lead to entry being declined.


Team Colours

The affection for other sporting pursuits and the desire to express allegiance to a beloved club are entirely understood. Nevertheless, it is important to foster an atmosphere of respect and cordiality. Donning team kits, on certain occasions, may inadvertently convey an antagonistic sentiment. To maintain an atmosphere of simplicity and inclusivity, visitors are kindly asked to abstain from wearing team-specific attire when attending our race days.


Get the Look

For those in search of sartorial inspiration for their visit to the racecourse, there is a helpful resource available. Look no further than their style partner, House of Cavani, whose Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer look-books offer a wealth of fashion ideas. These look-books are invaluable tools in curating a stylish ensemble that seamlessly complements the thrilling racing experience.


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