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The Four Penny Pub & Hotel | Awesome Ideas For St George’s Day Activities

Awesome Ideas For St George’s Day Activities

It’s not every day that we celebrate a sword-wielding, dragon-slaying hero! We’ve compiled a list of St George’s Day activities, so you can spend the 23rd of April celebrating this local legend!

The Local Legend

Did you know that some of the stories suggest St George was a Warwickshire man? Well, we’ve been a bit flexible with our geography, as he’s thought to have been born in Coventry, in the beautiful Caludon Castle. However, Coventry was part of Warwickshire back in the day, so we can lay claim to St George as our amazing local legend.

In fact, you can even visit his supposed birthplace, turned into a beautiful park, complete with wildflowers and a play area. There are a plethora of castles in Warwickshire itself, with Warwick and Kenilworth Castle making excellent places to have a picnic and discover the original knight life.

Keep A Lookout For…

Parades, fairs and reenactments!

There are a host of St George’s Day activities to look out for, with one of the most popular being a parade, sometimes climaxing in a reenactment of the story. You might see marching bands, morris dancers and troops of Scouts, led by an armoured actor on a white horse. Keep an eye out for performances, where they tell the tale of St George slaying a dragon that’s eating all the children of the town!

If you don’t mind travelling a little further afield, head to Tamworth for their festivities on 22nd April. Their extravaganza is just on the border of Warwickshire, but packed with an astonishing number of St George’s Day activities! You can attend a real jousting tournament, stroll through a living history camp and marvel at a Game of Thrones-inspired Ice Dragon and White Walker, before enjoying a performance of ‘Beowulf’.

Closer To Home St George’s Day Activities

We love a parade or a fair, and anything dragon-related will surely be a hit on St George’s Day. However, at its heart, this day is about celebrating English culture.

For example, you can get the family baking by icing cakes and cookies with the St George cross, or invite your friends for afternoon tea, the ultimate English activity. Some people gather to sing ‘Jerusalem’, a hymn about England, while others settle for wearing the saint’s favourite colour, blue!

Some literary enthusiasts even quote Shakespeare – not only is he quintessentially British, his birthday is also on 23rd April, making it the perfect time to celebrate Shakespeare and St George together. A Shakespeare-themed day is easy-peasy for those who live in Warwickshire, as you can just wander across to Stratford-upon-Avon for his birthday parade, with bands, flowers and morris dancing – all traditional St George’s Day activities!

The Warwickshire Foodie

Does food count as an activity?

We think it does. Indulge in some classic English fare like toad-in-the-hole or shepherd’s pie, or else make special St George’s Day activities out of making traditional Warwickshire scones or Coventry godcakes.

Does that sound like too much effort? Come and feast on our fish and chips or full roast dinners. Roast dinners are actually emblematic of Englishness – our ancestors loved meat so much that the French called us ‘rosbifs’, and the king’s guards became known as ‘Beefeaters’!

So polish off your celebrations at The Four Penny Pub, with our beef, pork, lamb, or chicken roasts, with a celeriac steak for vegans and vegetarians. We’ll top up your tipple and we’ll all raise a glass to St George together!

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