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The Four Penny Pub & Hotel | Ringing In 2023

Ringing In 2023

Are you ready to burn statues or throw plates at your neighbours’ doors? These are bona fide traditions to bring in the New Year, but on second thoughts, we recommend not doing anything that might eventually involve the police! Instead, ring in 2023 with us and some of our suggestions!


A New Year’s Trip Around The World


Partygoers will see in 2023 in waves, starting with Tonga and the Line Islands in the Pacific and ending with American Samoa and the Baker and Howland Islands. There’ll be parties, there’ll be food and there’ll be fascinating traditions!


Our favourites include an Indian tradition of creating a statue of an old man, symbolising all the gloom of the old year. Communities will gather together to set fire to the statue, burning up 2022 to make way for 2023. Meanwhile, the Danish will wish each other good luck by throwing plates at their friends’ doorsteps! 


Smashing crockery sounds like great fun, but it’s likely to cause a stir in the middle of Warwick! Gentler traditions include ice-fishing in Canada or jumping seven waves in Brazil, making a wish for each wave you jump. Sadly, neither of these are really feasible in landlocked Warwickshire. Instead, we British have fireworks and music, with some regions hosting the dramatic longship-burning Fire Festival or the time-honoured Scottish Hogmanay. Meanwhile, in the Midlands…


The Last Day Of 2022


Let’s start with the daytime. You could spend December 31st curled up at home, watching TV and snacking on leftover chocolates, but isn’t that what we all do after Boxing Day? It’s time to get active, whether you’re heading for a hike or to the theatre, playing football or going cycling. The Warwick Racecourse is hosting its esteemed New Year’s Eve Raceday, featuring seven epic races. As if that wasn’t enough, an energetic Irish party band will be playing a set throughout the day, keeping spirits high as you prepare for 2023!


Don’t forget to wrap up warm – December weather isn’t known for being warm. Style is a big part of a day at the races, so choose your winter outfit with care! You could even mark the end of 2022 by bringing your party in themed costumes, from elegant monochrome to an outright glitter explosion! You can celebrate with a more unusual fancy-dress theme, where your costume reflects a singer from the year of your birth or a resolution you hope to keep in 2023. We admit that we have an ulterior motive for suggesting this – we’re a ten-minute walk from the racecourse and want to see what you choose!


Bring In 2023 At The Four Penny Pub


It wouldn’t be New Year without linking arms and singing Auld Lang Syne! However, we’re taking music seriously and saying hello to 2023 with the awesome country band, The Folly Brothers. This band have come to serenade us with bluegrass and Americana, fused together with a modern twist. You’re also in with a chance of some classic Elvis tunes from Elviz as you enjoy our magnificent eight-course taster menu! 


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